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Welcome to Teahouse!

Powered by cutting-edge tools & foolproof smart contracts, Teahouse Finance is a multi-strategy DeFi asset management platform dedicated to secure and flexible wealth management.

Teahouse functions as a simplified layer above DeFi platforms such as Uniswap V3. This approach removes the complexities of managing liquidity and crypto assets, enabling users to deposit and entrust Teahouse to generate passive income on their behalf.

Users can find a broad range of strategies on the Teahouse strategy platform. They can make investment choices based on risk tolerance, selecting from low, medium, to high-risk strategies. Additionally, users have the flexibility to choose strategies aligned with their specific preferences and investment goals.

Teahouse's Approach

Everyone wants a secure place to park their funds for earnings. Individuals and institutions alike are always trying to find the best DeFi projects to invest in to build wealth. However, there are immense risks and uncertainties in Web3 – from vulnerable smart contracts and non-sustainable (failed or failing) projects to outright scams/frauds – even trusted global brands like FTX can crash and burn overnight.

As an asset management project on the blockchain, Teahouse makes secure and high-yield DeFi strategies available to anyone who does not have the time or expertise to manage their own funds.

By building an asset management platform and curating the current-best DeFi strategies, Teahouse matches individual and institutional investors with flexible and high-yield strategies designed by in-house and external strategy providers. The Teahouse strategy platform is powered by our secure, audited smart contract vaults and cutting-edge tools suite, providing additional security for our users.

Teahouse Offers:

Who We Are

Founded in 2021, Teahouse Finance is a multi-strategy DeFi platform specializing in secure and transparent asset management. Much like a hedge fund, Teahouse aims to help enterprise and individual clients grow their crypto assets through its wide range of professional strategies that align with users’ risk tolerance and investment goals.

At its core, Teahouse is a DeFi platform and tools developer with a strong focus on addressing concentrated liquidity provision challenges.

β€œWe take great pride in our technical strength, as we self-develop all our smart contracts and conduct vigorous in-house backtesting of our strategies to optimize LP price ranges and deliver maximum capital efficiency to our users.”

Our Team

Teahouse Finance is more than just a team of experts; we're passionate advocates for a truly decentralized Web 3 and the transformative power of DeFi. Our highly technical team includes members from Columbia, Berkeley, and National Taiwan University, with a graduate of Binance Labs and a first-place winner of the TRON Global Accelerator competition.

These are the brilliant minds that created the Teahouse that it is.

Fenix Hsu, Co-Founder and CEO

Prior to forming Teahouse Finance, Fenix established himself as an entrepreneur in the mobile and gaming industries. He joined the blockchain industry in 2018, and was awarded 1st place at the TRON global developer contest with the prediction platform FOMOSports. He currently holds a seat as a member of Binance lab batch 2. Fenix is a graduate of UC Berkeley and Columbia University with degrees in Physics and Statistics.

Ping-Che Chen, Co-Founder and CTO

Prior to joining Teahouse Finance, Ping-Che was a key contributor to FinTech projects such as INSTO and PaaxSoft. He was awarded 2nd place in the 1998 ACM Asia Programming Contest, and was the IOI silver medalist in 1994. Ping-Che has been working with Teahouse’s CEO, Fenix Hsu since 2018 with various projects such as FOMOSports, Uwallet and Luck Network in their portfolio. Ping-Che graduated from National Taiwan University with a degree in computer engineering.

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