About Managed Vaults

** NOTE **

Managed Vaults will be gradually phased out and deprecated. If you still have funds in our Managed Vaults, please move them to Easy-Earn vaults or our LP/Portfolio Vaults for better yields. (Exit fees for all Managed Vaults are now 0%).

Teahouse Managed Vaults are similar to traditional funds. Users deposit their single-type assets into select strategies to be managed by Teahouse or a Teahouse strategy partner and enter/exit the vaults every Round.

Strategies run offline for privacy and efficiency reasons, but all funds are stored and managed transparently on-chain.

How do I use Managed Vaults?

A user may DEPOSIT AssetTokens (e.g., $ETH or $USDC) into a Managed Vault and get back an equal value (based on the current price) of ShareTokens as proof of ownership. At the start of a round, the user's AssetTokens are locked into the vault, and the ShareTokens can be manually claimed to the user's wallet. When the user wants to cash out, the user can REDEEM their ShareTokens back into AssetTokens and then WITHDRAW.

See our walkthrough guide for more details.

About Managed Vaults Cycles (Rounds)

  • Managed Vaults undergo daily lockups from 13:00 to 15:00 UTC+8.

  • When requests are detected, the Fund Manager will process these requests, and the vault will automatically move to the next round, usually around 15:00 (UTC+8) when the vault is scheduled to reopen. Consequently, usersโ€™ funds will be deposited into or withdrawn from the vault at 15:00 (UTC+8).

  • On rare occasions where processing cannot be completed in 2 hours and requires manual intervention, these requests will be postponed to the next workdayโ€™s lockup period.

  • A deposit or withdrawal request will take at most two working days in the UTC+8 timezone for processing.

  • Note: Due to its specific nature, the ETH Options Trading Vault maintains its original schedule of one 24-hour lockup period per week.

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