Teahouse Accomplishments


2024 Q1

  • Launched first Portfolio Vault (TeaVault v3 Portfolio smart contract) – Beta+ Long Portfolio Strategy on Arbitrum

  • Revamped official homepage and logo design

  • Reached $7.5M AUM

  • Finished Phase 1 of Boba collaboration (Liquidity Mining Program) with 85.3% growth in TVL ($252,481 → $467,887). Started Phase 2, with a current 158.65% TVL growth (01/29/2024 - 3/31/2024).

2024 Q2

  • Launched Easy-Earn Product

  • Launched TeaTime—Tea Points system event

  • Forged many new partnerships and integrated LP pairs into five partner protocols’ UI

  • Reached $9.3M AUM

  • Enhanced security with the addition of security monitoring services


2023 Q1

  • Received $2M funding from AppWorks

  • Launched first public vault – Perpetual Protocol LP Strategy

  • Launched a high-risk strategy, ETH Options Trading, on Optimism

  • Optimized app design of the Teahouse strategy dashboard

2023 Q2

  • Launched new Dual-Asset LP (Permissionless) Vaults, audited by Salus Security

  • Launched Beta+ Momentum Trading Strategy

  • Open Teahouse platform to strategy providers

  • Improved Teahouse strategy platform automation, usability & analytics

2023 Q3

  • Optimized user experience & revamped Teahouse dApp website

  • Increased security: smart contract/code, products & processes, employee awareness, and equipment.

2023 Q4

  • Opened all Managed Vaults to the public

  • Optimized round cycles and lockdown time for Managed Vaults

  • Collaborated with Boba network to offer boosted reward LP Vaults


2022 Q1


  • Improved Teahouse Strategy Simulator speed by 100x

  • Invited 3rd-party strategy providers to develop strategies on Teahouse platform

  • Partnered with Zoofrenz & Zombie Club as blockchain technology advisor and co-developer

2022 Q2

HighTable NFTs

  • HighTable NFTs sale (First Phase)

  • SecuX hardware wallets “airdrop”

  • Launched first available strategy for HighTable holders: Blue Chip NFT Crowdfunding

  • Announced Web3 gaming partnerships

  • Launched community incentive plan (HOST program)

2022 Q3

Strategy Vaults

  • Developed HighTableVault for accounting

  • Completed TeaVault v.2 smart contract for whitelisted filters

  • Launched strategies in each of Low/Medium/High risk categories

2022 Q4

Strategy Round Fundraising

  • Closed Teahouse strategy round

  • Launched additional strategies & increase AUM on Teahouse platform

  • HighTable NFT public sale (Second Phase)

  • HightTable NFT reveal event (TBD)


2021 Q3

Funding & Initial Development

  • Developed 1st Teahouse dynamic price-band strategy: WanHua v.1

  • Deployed TeaVault smart contracts to Ethereum L1 & Arbitrum L2

  • Completed Teahouse Simulator v.1

  • Developed RESTful API for TeaVault

  • Completed first round fundraising led by Pantera

2021 Q4

Smart Contracts

  • “TeaVault” smart contract audit completed by HashCloak

  • Deployed TeaVault smart contract to Optimism L2

  • Developedd new passive strategy: Banqiao v.1

  • Initiated volatility index research for WanHua v.2

  • Launched Teahouse app private beta

  • Completed second round of fundraising led by NGC Ventures

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