Teahouse Finance charges Platform (entry & exit), Management, and Performance fees. Please see the individual vault pages on our dApps (Pools / Easy-Earn) for specific fee details.

The types of fees and examples are detailed separately in the tabs below.

Platform Fees

Platform Fees consist of Entry Fees and Exit Fees.

Entry Fees: None

No Entry Fee is charged for any of Teahouses Vaults.

Exit Fees:

  • LP/Portfolio Vaults: 0% - 0.2% of the ShareTokens withdrawn Exit Fees are assessed by subtracting X% of the ShareTokens being withdrawn. Example (using a 0.2% Exit Fee): When withdrawing 1,000 ShareTokens, 2 ShareTokens will be deducted first, and the remaining 998 ShareTokens will be exchanged back to Asset Tokens A and B at the current share price and ratio.

  • Easy-Earn/Managed Vaults: 0% - 0.1% of the withdrawn amount Exit Fees are assessed by subtracting X% of the amount being withdrawn Example (using a 0.1% Exit Fee): If a user wants to withdraw $1,500, the exit fee would be 0.1% of $1,500, which is $1.5. The total amount they would receive after deducting the exit fee would be $1,500 - $1.5 = $1,498.5.

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