Managed Vaults

Guide for depositing and withdrawing from Managed Vaults

Step 1. Connect Wallet

Connect your wallet by clicking on the CONNECT WALLET button.

Step 1.1. Wrong Network

If you're on the wrong network, you can click on the Switch to _______ button, on the "Network" right next to your wallet, or manually make the switch in your wallet.

Step 2. Review Strategy Information

You can learn more about this strategy by clicking these four tabs. (See โ€œUnderstanding the Dataโ€ section below for more information.)

You'll find a brief introduction to this strategy under Details.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the vaultโ€™s basic information, such as contract addresses and fee structure.

Step 3. Deposit

To deposit, enter the number of AssetTokens you would like to deposit into the vault, then click on the DEPOSIT button.

After confirming the deposit amount in your wallet, you should see the amount deposited under Pending.

Step 4. Review Your Assets

After the new round starts, you can find the number of ShareTokens under "MY ASSETS." Click on DETAILS to view the approximate value of your ShareTokens and optionally claim them to your wallet.

Please note that users do not have to claim their ShareTokens if they do not plan to sell or otherwise transfer these tokens. They will be here when you come back.

Holding ShareTokens (in the HighTableVault or in your wallet) means that the asset you deposited is running in the current round and generating returns.

Step 5. Initialize Withdrawal

Click on the WITHDRAW tab to see how many ShareTokens (e.g., $OPTEA, $TeaETH) you have in your wallet and/or in our HighTableVault (if you did not claim them). You will be able to exchange these ShareTokens back into AssetTokens. Enter the number of ShareTokens you want to redeem back into AssetTokens, then click on the REDEEM button to make the request.

Confirm the ShareToken amount and approve the request in your wallet, then your funds will be ready to withdraw after the end of the current round. You will now see the amount that is "Pending" withdrawal.

Similar to making a deposit request, you will be able to claim your funds once the โ€œPendingโ€ ShareTokens move to โ€œReady to Withdraw.โ€

Step 6. Withdraw

Once your ShareTokens are "Ready to Withdraw," click on the WITHDRAW button to claim your AssetTokens back into your wallet.

Understanding The Data

Data Section

Teahouse provides four tabs for users to better understand our vaults.

You can select to view the strategy performance or AUM by clicking the blue drop-down menu.

Performance Graph

Hover your mouse over the graph line to view the corresponding "End Date of the Round" as well as the performance of the strategy at each point in time.

The graph shows the performance of a strategy over a specified time period. The X-axis indicates the timeline, while the Y-axis displays the percentage of gain or loss. The leftmost point of the graph is consistently set as zero, serving as the starting point for assessing the strategy's performance and calculating profit and loss (PnL).

This means that for each period selected (1M, 3M, 6M, or ALL), the graph line will always start at 0 and indicate a relative performance to the starting point.

AUM (Assets Under Management) graph

Hover your mouse over the graph line to view the corresponding "End Date of the Round" as well as the cumulative AUM of the strategy.

Concept Section

The illustration offers a glimpse into the framework and execution process of this strategy.

Composition Section

The pie chart provides an overview of our current standing within the strategy.

Right-side Panel

The countdown section on the right-side panel shows the time remaining until the strategy enters the next lockdown period when all pending requests will be assessed and processed*.

*On rare occasions where processing cannot be completed during the lockup period and requires manual intervention, these requests will be postponed to the next workdayโ€™s lockup period. A deposit or withdrawal request will take at most two working days in the UTC+8 timezone for processing.

Please note that all data calculated & presented here is โ€œpre-feeโ€, meaning that fees assessed by Teahouse have not yet been deducted.

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