Product Timeline

Stage 1 (Cultivation)

  • Funds are deposited and withdrawn in whole (no partial deposit/withdrawal)
  • Fund managers are able to perform actions on the fund in the vault on a single Uniswap v3 pool
  • Actions includes mint (add position), burn (remove position), swap, and collect (collect fees)
  • SDK for fund managers to integrate with other algorithmic trading tools

Stage 2 (Harvest)

  • Allow partial deposit/withdrawal
  • Dispense fund tokens representing the shares of fund from a partial deposit
  • Calculate the correct share of the fund for deposit/withdrawal
  • Automatic management of “cash positions” (not staked in the pool) to enable large withdrawals

Stage 3 (Processing)

  • Allow investments in multiple Uniswap v3 pools
  • Support for more DeFi platforms