ETH Amplifier Strategy

Risk Category: High

Vault Information

Maximum fund size: No limit Asset Token: $ETH ShareToken: $TeaETHmax $TeaETHmax Token contract Address: 0x4599E4F3Eea04BADD41501bF79183e67f6Cf569d Locked Period: Every day 13:00 UTC+8 – 15:00 UTC+8 Note: Deposit/withdrawal requests may take up to 2 working days in the UTC+8 timezone to process and enter into the next round.


The ETH Amplifier Strategy supplies $ETH on Aave to borrow $USDC for depositing into Curve’s Tricrypto pool or providing ETH-USDC liquidity on Uniswap V3. LP tokens are then staked on Curve for rewards.

The primary source of profit is ETH’s price increase and the surplus amount earned from fees & rewards beyond what is used to cover the loan’s interest expenses.

To sustain profitability, the strategy closely monitors and maintains the Loan-to-Value ratio of the loan by either making partial debt repayments or increasing the collateral value.

Please refer to the Strategy Design tab for more details.

Depositing & Withdrawing

  • If you request to deposit $ETH during Round X, your funds will enter the strategy in Round X+1, and you can claim $TeaETHmax in Round X+1 (or later).

  • The earliest you can request to redeem $TeaETHmax into $ETH will be in Round X+1, for the funds to be removed from the strategy in Round X+2. You will be able to claim the corresponding $ETH to your wallet in Round X+2.

  • If you do not redeem $TeaETHmax into $ETH, your funds will automatically continue into the following Rounds.


Teahouse will assess Platform Fees, Management Fees, and Performance Fees for the ETH Amplifier Strategy.

Platform Fees

Entry fee: None / Exit fee: 0.2%

E.g., I initially invested 1,000 $USDC, and upon exit, I have 1,500 $USDC. I will have paid 1,000 * 0.1% = 1 $USDC at entry and 1,500 * 0.2% = 3 $USDC at exit, for a total platform fee of 4 $USDC.

Management Fees

1.7% (Annualized) divide by 52 weeks to get weekly fees charged: 0.03269%

E.g., I invested 1,000 $USDC, and 1 week later, the $TeaETHmax token value increased to 150% of the original. When exiting after a week, I will incur 1.7% * 1,500 $USDC * 1/52 = 0.49038461 $USDC. Alternatively, if it takes a full year to reach 150%, then I will incur 1.7% * 1,500 $USDC = 25.5 $USDC.

Performance Fees

20% of profits made.


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