Teahouse ETH Vault

Risk Category: Low

Vault Information

Maximum Fund Size: No Limit Asset Token: $ETH ShareToken: $TeaETH $TeaETH Token contract Address: 0xE1B3c128c0d0a9e41aB3fF8f0984e5d5bEf81677 Locked Period: Every day 13:00 UTC+8 – 15:00 UTC+8 Note: Deposit/withdrawal requests may take up to 2 working days in the UTC+8 timezone to process and enter into the next round.

Normal market trends and expected volatility should not significantly affect the performance of ETH portfolio.


This strategy aims to earn ETH by building a portfolio with ETH-derivative assets, including through ETH options trading, Liquity arbitrage, and yield farming. Risk-reward balance is achieved by portfolio theory using diversification and efficient frontier methods. We balance the risk and return by manipulating the weight of each strategy in the portfolio, targeting a 15% return with a 5% risk.

Please refer to the Strategy Design tab for more details.

Depositing & Withdrawing

  • If you request to deposit $ETH during Round X, your funds will enter the strategy in Round X+1, and you can claim $TeaETH in Round X+1 (or later).

  • The earliest you can request to redeem $TeaETH into $ETH will be in Round X+1, for the funds to be removed from the strategy in Round X+2. You will be able to claim the corresponding $ETH to your wallet in Round X+2.

  • If you do not redeem $TeaETH into $ETH, your funds will automatically continue into the following Rounds.


Teahouse will assess Platform Fees, Management Fees, and Performance Fees for this strategy.

Platform Fees

Entry fee: None / Exit fee: 0.2%

E.g., I initially invested 1 $ETH, and upon exit, I have 1.5 $ETH. I will have paid 1 * 0.1% = 0.001 $ETH at entry and 1.5 * 0.2% = 0.003 $ETH at exit, for a total platform fee of 0.004 $ETH.

Management Fees

1.7% (Annualized) divide by 52 weeks to get weekly fees charged: 0.03269%

E.g., I initially invested 1,000 $ETH, and 1 week later, the $TeaETH Token value increased to 150% of the original. When exiting after a week, it will incur 1.7% * 1,500 $ETH * 1/52 = 0.49038461 $ETH. Alternatively, if it takes a full year to reach 150%, then I will incur 1.7% * 1,500 $ETH = 25.5 $ETH.

Performance Fees

10% of profits made.


Your friendly Teahouse Hosts would like to remind you that nothing contained on this website should be construed as financial advice. Teahouse makes no guarantees, express or implied. Please note the high-volatility nature of cryptocurrencies and DYOR. Be responsible for your actions and beware of scams.

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