Investment Risks

The contents in these documents and on Teahouse Finance's website are provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as investment, financial, or other professional advice. Nothing contained in the documents and on Teahouse's website should be considered a recommendation, endorsement, solicitation, or offer to buy/sell any financial instrument or investment. Please be aware of the high-volatility nature of cryptocurrencies and always conduct your own research. Be responsible for your actions and stay vigilant against scams.

Network Risks

Teahouse makes no guarantee as to the functionality of any blockchain network or DApp, which could, among other things, lead to delays, conflicts of interest, operational decisions by third parties that are unfavorable to owners of certain digital assets, or user’s inability to complete a transaction. The transaction details users submit via the Teahouse Interface may not be complete or may be substantially delayed on the Ethereum network, Layer 2 networks, or other Blockchain networks. Teahouse takes no responsibility for the failure of a transaction to be confirmed or processed in time or as expected. There are no warranties or guarantees that a transfer initiated on the Teahouse Interface will successfully complete and as a result transfer titles of or rights to digital assets.

Technical Risks

While our smart contracts and our code have been extensively tested and audited, Teahouse services are relatively new and can potentially contain bugs or other vulnerabilities. Furthermore, our code is still under development and may undergo significant changes over time. Users are responsible for configuring their technology, security software, and hardware in order to access Teahouse services.

All disclaimers, indemnities, and exclusions in these Terms shall survive termination of the Terms and shall continue to apply during any suspension or any period during which the Teahouse sites are not available for any reason whatsoever.

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