Terms of Service

Last Updated: November 5, 2023

The Terms below apply to any persons or entities accessing Teahouse & HighTable platform(s) and application(s). By connecting your wallet and using Teahouse sites in any capacity, you are agreeing that you have read, understood, and will be subjected to these terms.

Please do not connect your wallet to our site(s) in regions prohibited by applicable law.

Nothing contained on the Teahouse website(s) should be construed as financial advice. Teahouse makes no guarantees, express or implied. Please note the high-volatility nature of cryptocurrencies and DYOR. Be responsible for your actions and beware of scams.



The Teahouse Finance (Teahouse) and HighTable ecosystem sites, including but not limited to https://ht.teahouse.finance/ and https://teahouse.finance/, as well as their respective sub-domains, allow users to connect a third-party digital asset wallet to store, monitor, and transfer certain supported digital assets (including but not limited to cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens, digital asset indices, liquidity pool shares, and staking tokens) in order to maintain a portfolio of digital assets and interact with certain Teahouse-supported decentralized protocols and applications (collectively “DApps”).

Asset Transfer

When a user requests to make a transfer of digital assets, the user will be required to initiate the transfer from a third-party digital asset wallet’s interface or a web plug-in that interacts with the Teahouse Interface. Teahouse relies on the user’s approval to make subsequent transfers and is not responsible for the validity or accuracy of user inputs such as the destination addresses, or any estimates and calculations made by third-party wallets, including but not limited to a gas fee estimate.

Blockchain Fees (e.g. Gas)

Use of the Teahouse DApps may incur additional fees such as a blockchain usage fee, commonly known as “Gas”, in order to perform a transaction. By using Teahouse DApps, you acknowledge that Teahouse has no control over gas fees, on-chain activities, the accuracy of gas fee estimation, and the method of charging and processing these fees. Users must ensure that they have a sufficient balance to complete any transaction using Teahouse DApps before initiating such a transaction.

Third-Party Decentralized Finance Protocols

Teahouse smart contract vaults and strategies interact with third-party decentralized finance protocols, including protocols for borrowing and lending, exchanges, automated market makers, among others. Teahouse is not responsible for any third-party actions and transactions including but not limited to the fulfillment of any purchases and sales of digital assets, information security, exchange rates, routing, the interest rate or percentage yield, the insurance or collateralization or other programmatic, algorithmic or discretionary methods.

Contact Us

Please email support@teahouse.finance if you have any questions about the Terms set forth above.

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