For accounting & fee calculations

Used by Fund Managers to manage their strategies & user funds, HighTableVault is a smart contract whose main function is accounting.

  1. Asset Tokens <-> ShareTokens Exchange HighTableVault facilitates the exchange between tokens. Various calculations are made via the HighTableVault to determine the share (portion) of the fund of each user, based on the ShareTokens that they hold. Taking the Pseudo Market Neutral LP Strategy as an example, when a user deposits USDC, the corresponding HighTableVault will exchange the USDC tokens for ShareTokens of an equivalent value. When the exchange rate is 1 to 1, for each USDC deposited, users will get back 1 OPTEA token after the locking period. The OPTEA tokens will then fluctuate in value based on the strategy performance. When the user wants to exit the strategy, he/she can use the HighTableVault to exchange back USDC by redeeming OPTEA tokens at the current exchange rate.

  2. The Auditor verifies strategy metrics via the HighTableVault Each round, the Fund Manger provides the Auditor with strategy metrics including the current fund value. The Auditor then verifies this data on-chain and using the HighTableVault, confirm information such as the fund value, lock time, new round start time, and whether the fund (vault) is being closed.

  3. Transfer of funds to specified TeaVault v.2 The whitelisted operations only allow the HighTableVault to transfer funds from itself to a specified TeaVault v2, thus limiting what Fund Managers and potential malicious actors can do. These limitations greatly increase the security of the platform.

  4. Fees calculations & management Hightable Vault ensures transparency and automation in the calculation and settlement of figures related to strategies, eliminating the need for manual calculation. The vault automatically transfers Teahouse's revenue and manager's fees to the relevant addresses, while being restricted by the limitations of the smart contract, thereby preventing arbitrary access to the assets inside.

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