TeaVault v2

  • For depositing a single Asset Token and issuing ShareTokens of an equivalent value

  • For Auditors to audit the fund value and other metrics provided by the Fund Manager

  • Can only transfer assets into a specified TeaVault v.2

  • Calculate and automatically deduct platform usage fees

TeaVault v.2 is a new and improved TeaVault smart contract used to manage assets and interact with other DeFi projects. It whitelists all the necessary operations and projects, limiting what the Fund Manager (and other malicious players) can do, and thereby greatly increasing the platform security. For example, Fund Managers cannot withdraw funds to another wallet.

Using the Concentrated LP Strategy as an example, its TeaVault v.2 can currently perform operations on Perpetual Protocol (add & remove liquidity) and access certain bridges to bridge funds between ETH mainnet and Optimism.

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