TeaVault v3 Portfolio

TeaVault v3 Portfolio is a portfolio strategy infrastructure specifically designed to manage multiple ERC20 assets. These ERC20 assets include common fungible tokens, AAVE aTokens, and TeaVault v3 Pair shares. Strategy managers have the flexibility to oversee funds through the vault and adjust the proportion of each asset.

This design tokenizes the funds, providing liquidity providers with a more self-custodial approach, allowing them to enter/exit a strategy at any time. As managers do not directly hold the funds, the TeaVault v3 Portfolio enhances transparency in portfolio management, while supporting both manual and algorithmic management of large funds.

Key Features

  • Manages multiple assets: fungible ERC20 shares to enable composability, AAVE aTokens for interest accrual, and tokenized liquidity positions (Pairs).

  • Facilitates rebalancing through various aggregators while incorporating exchange rate protection measures.

  • Utilizes a carefully designed Uniswap V3-based TWAP oracle for precise performance fee calculation.

  • Implements a vault-level high watermark-like performance fee mechanism - our GDPS model.



  • Users: Deposit assets into the token pool then withdraw appropriate ShareTokens to represent the share of the pool. Withdraw assets by burning the held ShareTokens.

  • Strategy Managers: Manage the off-chain algorithms that send signals to the Portfolio Vaults to adjust the asset proportions based on market conditions. This encompasses determining the proportion of assets held in the vault, supplying assets to the AAVE pool, and rebalancing funds through the Uniswap v3 swap router or aggregators.

  • TeaVault V3 Portfolio: The TeaVault V3 Portfolio sports a UUPS upgradable pattern for enhanced flexibility and upgradability. During initialization, the TeaVault V3 Portfolio specifies Uniswap v3-based oracles, AAVE pools, Uniswap v3 swap router, and path recommender. In addition, it can hold multiple ERC20 fungible assets and facilitates asset swapping through swap aggregators and the Uniswap v3 swap router. It also includes functionality for calculating protocol fees and helper functions for front-end development and strategy automation.

  • Fee Collection Vault: Collects protocol fees, including entry, exit, management, and performance fees.

  • Uniswap V3-based Oracle: Calculates asset price and value with TWAP from the Uniswap V3 pool and covers three types of oracles: Asset oracle, Pair oracle, and AAVE aToken oracle.

  • Path Recommender: Recommends a pre-set baseline Uniswap v3 swap route for swaps.

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